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"I've made some good friends at Sunshine and I love life on the road. The pay is great too!"
Tamara Blake
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I have been using Sunshine Subscription Agency for my magazine subscription for years an am happy to say I have always received my magazines on time and in excellent condition!
Nellie James, PA
In 5 years only once my copy of Golfer's Digest came late and the people at Sunshine were extremely apologetic and it wasn't even their fault! These are courteous people.
Jon Baizley CA
They have been coming over for so many years now, I know most of them by their first names. They are a great bunch of people and will go to extreme lengths for subscribers. In fact when I was hospitalized and missed my issues, I informed them. Within 2 days I had all the issues I had missed and a get well soon card.
Will Stanton
This is one magazine subscription agency whose standard of service and attention to detail is amazing. I for one have no complaints at all!
Delphia Krakounos
Good subscription service and nice people.
Roland Whitely
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