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Amelie Wernhard
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Sunshine, a stepping stone to other endeavors
There have been numerous success stories about people that have had a working relationship with Sunshine Subscription Agency. Over the past 15 years since we opened for business in October of 1992 many people have used our company as a stepping stone to other endeavours. There have been salespeople go on to jobs in the auto industry, real estate and many other high paying jobs in sales. The training they had with us was not in a classroom but in the field meeting people for the first time. Making sales face to face not over the phone. We taught these people how to be go-getters. One of our favorite slogans is "you can't just let things happen, you have to make things happen".
There are also success stories happenning among the present groups of young people we are working with today. Several of our top agents have received bonuses or Cash Awards as we call them this year. These are $1000 bonuses which are handed out to people that have stuck with it and have been with us continuously for a year or more.
Award winners 2008
At our Company's annual winter meetings in Florida we gave out over $8000 in bonuses. These awards were given out to outstanding salespeople. They had done a remarkable job over the past year. The awards were $1000 each and went to 8 individuals. They were Krystle Hoernig, Jerimiah Garrison, Sacha Crozier, Richard Thompson, Josh Gibson, Katie Gregory, and Joe Fricker.
Tenesia Pilot of Williamsport Pa, Mark Vetter of Ft Wayne, In, Candace Gilman of Queens, Ny and Chris Cerrito of Louisville, Ky have all won $1000 Cash Awards so far this year. These awards are given out to salespeople who have continuosly worked with us over the past year. And who have also represented our organization in a way that we are proud of. Congratulations to all of you.
Our first bi-annual sales contest of the year has just ended. We are proud to announce the winner. He is Dion McNutt of Road Dog Sales. Jerimiah Garrison of Freedom Sales was again the 2nd place winner. These young men were awarded plaques and jewlery at a recent awards banquet held in Chicago. They will take their Bahama trip later this year in December. Congratulations to both of you on your outstanding performance.
Award winners 2007
Crystal Conklin of Jamestown, NY, Mark Vetter of Indiana and Kris Carver of Port Kent, NY are a few of the people to have won these awards this year. On July 1st of this year Kris Carver was given a distributorship with our company. He accomplished that feat in less than a year and a half. We sponsor a sales contest for all the salespeople we work with. At the present time Aaron McCown of Road Dog Sales is in 1st place followed closely by Joe Fricker of Freedom Sales. This contest is over in December and the 1st and 2nd place winners will win a trip to the Bahamas.
Jerimiah Garrison and Kyle Larkins were awarded $1000 bonuses at the end of 2007. These awards are given out to outstanding salespeople over the past year. They did a remarkable job and they continue to do so this year as well.
Sunshine sponsors 2 sales contests every year for the salespeople we work with. Last year's winners were Aaron McCown of Road Dog Sales who came in first place and Jerimiah Garrison of Freedom Sales who came in second. They both won an all expense trip to the Bahamas and from what we heard had a great time while there.
We have enjoyed sharing with you some of the success stories that we have been a part of. If you are the kind of person who is not afraid of hard work, there are many opportunities to be very successful in all phases of life with a background in sales with us. No matter how long you stay with us whether it be 3 days, 3 months or three years you will go away a better person. Send us your resume now!
Notable successes of the ex-employees of the Sunshine Subscription Agency
Jim Noble: "The magazine business made me mentally tough!"
"Jim Noble who worked with us many years ago has gone on to become a very successful businessman. He owns 4 or 5 Arby's Roast Beef franchises in western Pennsylvania. Jim says "the magazine business made me mentally tough. I can handle any situation that pops up".
Orin Kochenderfer: " The sales training I received at Sunshine made my success possible."
Orin Kochenderfer was with Sunshine when we first opened. He's now general Sales Manager at a car dealership in Columbus Ohio. Says Orin " the sales training I received at Sunshine made my success possible. All the long hours and hard work has paid off in my career in the auto industry. I wouldn't have changed a thing, I strongly recommend hooking up with Sunshine, not just for the travel and the fun but for a real good foundation in any kind of sales".
Dave Skyles: "Joining up with Sunshine would be a great move."
Dave Skyles is another former associate with Sunshine that has become a President of a mortgage company. " the interaction with people and the sales training with Sunshine was awesome, they prepared me for the future. I think any young man or women considering joining up with Sunshine would be a great move".
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