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"I never knew I would love direct selling so much but at Sunshine, it's great fun - the travel, meeting new people and learning sales skills too!"
Jody Frazier
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The magazine delivery business calls for prompt and high quality service and the aim at all times is to keep the customer happy. These are some of the services we are particular about.
We handle all customer service issues involved. Service issues could include change of address, refunds, change to a different magazine and delivery time.
We handle any re-orders of any book or magazine subscriptions.
We handle and forward all mail and correspondence to our sales agents in the field.
We provide weekly and monthly statements to our distributors and sales agents.
We keep abreast of any price or issue frequency changes that the publishers may have brought to our attention and past them on to our distributors and sales agents.
We send out memos when new titles become available and when we need to stop selling others.
We sell and mail all supplies to our distributors at discounted rates.
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