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I canít believe I am making $50,000 a year!
One of my pals put me onto Sunshine and I really learned a lot on the job every day!
In just 6 months I got to travel the country, meet interesting people and learn great sales skills. For every sale I make I get almost 35%, which is AWESOME!
Denise Whitman, 21, Sales Rep
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Why we are one of the largest direct selling companies in the U.S.
We have a national reach operating from over 50 cities in the U.S.
We verify past employment references and conducts background checks on all our salespeople
Customer deliveries are taken seriously.We deliver when we say we will
Our sales people are treated well. They have fun traveling all over the country and they make big commissions.Ē
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Achieve your dreams with direct selling, one of the oldest and most effective ways of marketing. We will teach you how through our focused training programs. Learn and earn with us! In no time at all, you too can be a sales star. The villa, the fancy car and the great lifestyle, itís all within your reach! Make your dreams happen!
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NFSA or the National Field Selling Association is a trade association founded in 1987 to enhance the image of direct sellers and restore integrity and honesty to business practices. If you are enthusiastic about direct selling and are involved in the activity, please join NFSA
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